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10is Academy offers coaching sessions for adult players of all abilities. Our sessions are split by level of abilities so you will have the right level of challenge to help you progress quicker.

As well as serving up plenty of smiles, our tennis sessions are good for your physical and mental health. It can help lower body fat while improving muscle toning, strength and flexibility. It can even help you to live longer.

In terms of mental health, exercise is hugely important in maintaining a good state of mind. Playing a game of tennis will release those happy endorphins to help you feel great!

It is also a fantastic way to spend some time with family and friends and will provide you with the opportunity to meet new people.

The more competitive players will be able to join our high intensity sessions where the players will learn the values of hard-workleadership and excellence. These training sessions are delivered by Sebastien Scaux who has thousands of hours of on-court experience and will be able to help your child reach the next level in the quickest possible way.

Sebastien has been mentored by Nick Bolletierri, Toni Nadal and Louis Cayer, bringing world class technical and tactical skills to you at a fraction of the price.

With more than 20 years experience Sebastien and his team have what it takes to guide each player to reach their full tennis potential.


Choose a 1-2-1 session to focus on a key element of your game. Whatever your fitness level, tennis experience, ability or motivation, Sebastien is able to work with you on an individual basis to ensure you meet your goals. Private tennis coaching with Sebastien is available for adult and junior players.  Click HERE for more information.