Our adult courses are divided in 4 stages based on skills.


A player in the beginner stage is someone of any age who is having their first tennis experiences and learning the basic technical and tactical aspects of tennis, learning the rules of tennis and developing positive attitudes towards competition. It is at this stage where players are most likely to fall in love with tennis if they are supported and develop the basic skills. Around 60% of all tennis players in 10is Academy fit into this stage. 


This stage represents a broad range of players with a reasonable level of skill who can regularly execute all aspects of playing tennis. Enjoyment and competition are the key drivers for these players, but at the same time performance, challenge and improvement are often key motivators. During this stage, these aspirations across a wide age range need to be catered for through the offering of more in depth and advanced coaching and fun ‘have a go’ type programmes. Around 40% of all tennis players fit into this stage.


This stage can begin from a young age and involves those athletes who have the ability to play tennis to a high level and are likely to be moving towards county representative tennis. It is at this stage that many performance players will become part of talent identification programme designed to lead to High Performance tennis, and be competing on national tours. Less than 10% of all players fit into this stage.


At this stage athletes are able to translate their training and technical skills into competing at international level and achieving excellence in tennis. Only a handful of all players fit into this stage.