Performance courses

Doubles tactics

Stuck for ideas on where to stand? Where to hit the ball? How to work together as a pair? How to beat a doubles pair? Doubles is very different to singles and we bet you have come up against a pair who you think you should beat but your opponents have very good court craft and win by being in the right places and using the right tactics! This course will give you the tools to become a better doubles player!

The course delivered by our coach Sebastien Scaux, is based on Louis Cayer's Doubles philosophy. Louis Cayer is currently the head of doubles for Great Britain’s Lawn Tennis Association, and coaches Jamie Murray and took him to No 1 in the world. Since 2007, he has coached British Davis Cup and Federation Cup teams, winning the Davis Cup in 2015.

“My philosophy of doubles is that it is less about winning points than making your opponents miss,” Cayer says. “Not so much hitting aces and winning returns, or being ‘amazing.’ You want to make the opponents play badly. You do that by creating uncertainty and anxiety. They start trying to hit harder and closer to the lines. Anxiety increases muscle tension, and they begin to play poorly.”

Tennis Mastery

Under Toni Nadal’s tutorial we have work more or less on the same line during Rafael’s sporting career. We have only changed small hints and we have adjusted little by little to the circumstances. This is why I believe that the bases of my program (my formula) can be useful to many players independently on what stage their career is.”

Singles tactics

Tennis is not just about hitting the ball cleanly. How often have you lost to a player with inferior technical or physical skills? This course will present you all the possible patterns of play in singles tennis. These patterns will help you better understand when and where to hit. The drills will help you execute and refine your strategic game plan. 

Match play

 Just like your technique, your mental game is an important part of your game and the difference between winning or loosing a match. This course will be using various scoring system to help you be mentally stronger.