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It’s no secret that tennis is one of the greatest sports out there. It requires endurance and concentration, but tennis is also a lot of fun. If your child is intrigued with this “sport of a lifetime” then now is the time to nurture this interest. And there is no better way to do so than with one of our Summer Tennis Camps.

Our Tennis Camps are the best around

We currently offer our Tennis Camps in 2 locations in Ely, and at every single one we put an emphasis on creating a positive atmosphere for children (ages 6-12 & 13-18) to receive tennis training from the experts. When your children attend our tennis camp, they will be able to hone their tennis skills under the supervision of the sport’s elite. Our coaches include a LTA Cambridgeshire Coach of the year, a Hockey World Cup player and PE teacher, and current (or ex) 10is players.

While our tennis sports camps have noteworthy coaches, the main reason we stand out from the crowd is because our staff is dedicated to provide individual attention to every single tennis camper. It doesn’t matter what skill level your child is currently at, they will be able to receive tennis lessons designed just for them, ensuring they leave our tennis camp a better player than when they arrived.


What Your Child Will Learn at Our Tennis Clinics

They will learn everything they need to excel on the court. A few of our tennis training focuses are:

  • Being a good sport
  • Perfecting the serve
  • Improving form
  • Playing with integrity
  • Setting goals
  • Preparing mentally

Our Tennis Summer Camps include 20 hours of instruction per week. When your child has completed our tennis camp, they will be able to serve better, swing better (both forehand and backhand), and be able to conquer the mental aspect of the game. For the very young ones (6-12) our Summer tennis camp includes a lot of other activities to improve their hand/eye coordination and ensure they are having fun. Other activities include our exclusive MotorSkillz and Cardio tennis for Kidz but also football, basketball, etc...


What Can Be Expected At Our Summer Tennis Camps

When your child enters our tennis camp, they will be welcomed with enthusiasm and acceptance. Once there, each player will be evaluated so they can receive the proper tennis lessons for their experience level. After that, the fun will begin. They will receive both individual and team instruction, play exhibition tennis matches, and even win prizes. Videotape analysis is also available at most tennis sports camps so that your child can perfect their form accurately.

If you want your child to improve their tennis skills by learning from the experts, there is no better place to send them than to one of our Tennis Camps. They will have fun, make memories, and come home with more confidence in their tennis abilities.

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