Events & Competitions at 10is Academy

From "Tennis festivals" to Internal and Open competitions.

We love tennis… It’s in our blood. We love to play, we love to improve, we love to push ourselves beyond our limits, we love to compete. And that’s what we plan to do here.

Competing is an important part of learning how to play tennis.  It's the moment when the skills learnt are put into action.

At 10is Academy we introduce competition as part of our coaching programme by organising friendly internal competitions at each half of term. Players can then learn the intricacies of playing matches within a safe environment.

They can then advance to playing in the LTA "Team Tennis" leagues and eventually start competing on their own outside the Academy.

The "Road to a 10is Champion" is a series of tournaments which culminates into a single winner being crowned as the "10is Champion".

1 Aug

10is League of Champions

The Competition runs from 01 Aug 19 to 31 Aug 19 - It is run as a singles box league round robin format, with each box consisting of players of a COMPARABLE ABILITY to make it as fun and competitive as possible. The number of matches to be played per box will depend on the number of entries, each player will play all other players in their box once, as an example a four player box playing singles matches will mean each player will play 3 matches. YOU MUST HAVE A BTM (if you would like your rating to become international please join UTR as well).

  • 9am - 6pm
  • Thu, 01 Aug 2019