10is Academy

  • 19 The Avenue MARCH, Cambridgeshire, PE15 9PS

Sat, 01 Feb 2020

10is Winter League - Mini Green
06:00 - 20:00
Mail: competition@10is-academy.com

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Matches can be play anywhere (at your own club, on a private court or in a park.

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Custom Competition

Winter 10is League - Mini Green

Please ensure your child is in the right group. You can check by using this link: https://www.lta.org.uk/play-compete/competing/junior-tennis-competitions/competition-age-groups/

Winter 10is League - Mini Green
Date: 01/02/2020 - 19/04/2020
Time: 06:00 - 20:00
Age guidance: 10 - 11 years
Ball type: Green
Gender: Mixed
Team Type: Singles
Details Cost Book
Individual entry
£10.00 per player Book