Joining 10is Academy is joining a growing family.

We aim to become a very competitive club while striving for the values we believe in: Courage, Resilience, Respect, Hard work, Excellence and Leadership.

Our memberships starts on 01 September and ends on 31 August each year. Please take note that 10is Academy will have an annual closure for 4 weeks in July allowing the 10is team to enjoy a well deserved break. During this period, Social sessions will only take place at the 2 Hayward Theatre courts. However the Sunday sessions will run as usual on the main courts.



  • Free access to up to 7 courts (3 with floodlights)
  • Priority court booking 7 days in advance
  • Guaranteed play in Club sessions
  • Up to 30% discount on our term time course fees (coaching based on proven world class structure)
  • Social competitions and events
  • LTA leagues (for the most competitive players)
  • Getting fitter
  • Feeling happier
  • Meeting new players
  • Making friends for life



Our Membership is open to all and offers a number of different membership options. Please note it is usually cheaper to pay your membership fee in one lump sum rather on a monthly basis.


Payment in full

 Direct Debit - 9 installments  (total)

Social Adult £144 (£12.00/month) £16.50 (£148.50)
Toddlers £18 (£1.50/month) N/A
Children £60 (£5.00/month) £7.00 (£63.00)
Juniors £66 (£5.50/month) £7.75 (£69.75)
Single parent (2 children) £216 instead of £264 (£18/month) £24.35 (£219.15)
Single parent (3 children or more) £264.00 instead of £324.00 minimum (£22/month) £29.75 (£267.75)
Family (2 children) £336.00 instead of £408.00 (£28/month) £37.75 (£339.75)
Family (3 children or more) £384.00 instead of £468.00 minimum (£32/month) £43.00 (£387.00)