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In 2016, 10is Academy focused on growing general participation in the junior section

We achieved our goals by improving our existing program and by launching new courses such as

  • MotorSkillz,
  • Cardio 4 kids
  • Tots 10is.

In 2017, our goal was to grow the adult section

To do so, we launched new adult courses that proved to be very popular:

  • Tennis Xpress,
  • Tennis Tuesdays,
  • Queens & King's,
  • Touch tennis, etc...

In 2018, our goal is to improve competitivity

To achieve this goal we once again will be launching a few new courses. Each course will be working on a particular aspect of the game - Technical, Tactical, Physical or Mental -.

  • World Mastery: Since November, our "Adult Intermediate" group has been used as a trial to the future "World Mastery" course: the feedback has been really positive. This course will help you grow confident in your ability to hit any kind of shots. - Technical -
  • Singles Tactics: Tennis is not just about hitting the ball cleanly. How often have you lost to a player with inferior technical or physical skills? This course will help you understand various pattern of play and how to play against various type of players. - Tactical -
  • Doubles Tactics: This course started at the end of 2017 and has been very popular from the start. It will give you the tools to become a better doubles player! - Tactical -
  • Train 4 10is: Time to get in shape. In this course we will train you to move efficiently on court and help you be quicker. Being quicker will give you more time to achieve a better shot. - Physical -
  • Match play: Just like your technique or your physical skills, the mental game is an important part of you winning or loosing a match. Match play will be using various scoring system to help you be mentally stronger. - Mental -