Get out of the kid's way on match day


How You Can See Extraordinary Results By Relinquishing Control on Competition Day

Step back, let them loose and get out of their way.

You will witness some extraordinary results using this approach on competition days.

The kids relish it, but it can be a hard sell to many adults, especially some of the parents. Many are not at all comfortable with relinquishing control. Some are so used to molly-coddling their child that they just can’t believe that their child can do it without them. Sadly, they have caused many of their children to believe the same thing.

"Kids’ sport should be child-centred, not adult-centred"

Too many coaches and parents think that they need to be a central part of the “show” on game day. They have to be seen and heard; they need to be a part of the action. Ego, insecurity and a lack of trust in a child’s capabilities can all contribute to this problem.

Of course adults have a vital role in creating an environment that will allow a child to go out and do their thing on game day without reliance on parents or coaches. In the lead-up to a competition, away from the spotlight, there needs to be adults instilling the skills, confidence and belief in the child that they can manage themselves on competition day.

"Kids respond to responsibility"

I think that young people respond well when given responsibility. It sends a message that we trust them and think them capable. Trying to micro-manage young athletes sends the opposite message.

An adult’s role is to quietly guide and support. Otherwise, they should just let the kids play.

If you haven’t tried this approach, I encourage you to do so. It can be quite confronting at first, especially if you are used to always being the one in charge. But the kids just may surprise you with their capabilities and resourcefulness, and the results can be extraordinary.

Do you have examples of how to pass on responsibility to young athletes?

What is your experience with this issue as an athlete, coach or parent? What has worked for you? What hasn’t worked? Do you have any suggestions? Let me know your thoughts and ideas by emailing us HERE.