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We believe in creating a positive and welcoming environment for players of all ages. By focusing on play, building character, and championing individual challenges, we empower them to grow and develop at their own pace. It’s all about providing players the opportunity to enjoy tennis on their own terms. Kids who play tennis will be healthier, happier and have a game they can play for life. By capturing the thrill and fun of the game and developing skills on and off the court, we can build the next generation of greats.


10is Academy (10is) announced its new revolutionary youth brand, “10is Ambassadors,” which aims to inspire the next generation of tennis players. Our Ambassdors will make it easier for kids and their parents to learn about tennis and get into the game in schools and 10is clubs. The movement embraces all aspects of youth play for kids ages 5-18. The official 10is Ambassador scheme was launched on 05/04/2019.

“10is Ambassadors is a bold approach to empower kids to play the game while elevating and setting new standards on how we deliver and engage children in our sport,” said Sebastien Scaux, 10is Director. “These efforts will make a lasting impact to help drive youth participation throughout the area. ”

The objective of 10is Ambassadors is to provide a kid-friendly, safe connection to the sport, as well as a platform to celebrate individuality and self-expression.

“10is Ambassadors will help further our commitment to encourage healthy lifestyles and bring more children into the game by reaching kids and parents in a dynamic and easier way than ever before.”

10is Academy has a commitment to encouraging healthy and active lifestyles among children. Over the last decade, youth tennis has brought hundreds of thousands of kids into the sport by using shorter courts, lower-bouncing balls, and lighter racquets to allow them to play more quickly and easily. To further evolve these efforts, 10is will be working closely with schools.

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