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Storm Brian no match for Monster Smash festival

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The October festival did go ahead despite the high winds of Storm Brian.

The storm wreaked havoc across the UK meaning organisers had to rethink the event.

The event is part of the Benenden Tennis Festivals, a fantastic opportunity for players throughout the country to play fun, themed competitions for local players. 

The event started with the "Mini red" competition that benefited from relatively good conditions.

However, the wind started just after the "Mini Orange" event. The courts were not shielded from the weather but the storm did not dampen anyone's spirits.

We still had a very good event. A lot of people came down and we had a good turnout for each event – we even had players coming from Norwich to compete.

This year the Academy ran several competitions and events. We are going to have more of them before then end of the year including our Chirstmas party.