Meet the 10is team

Founder and Director of 10is Academy, Sebastien Scaux is considered to be one of the most influential coaches in Camrbridgeshire. After many successful collaborations with some of the best junior in the county (several top 10 county players), 2015 was a climax year for Sebastien who became the LTA Cambs Coach of the year.

"We are accountable for our players and we shoulder our responsibilities both in victories and defeat" - Sebastien Scaux

10is Academy prouds itself in growing some of our locla players into competent coaches thanks to our "Coach pathway".

From the age of 10 year-old a few players are chosen to join the team as assistant. At the age of 13 year-old they can become "LTA Tennis leaders" (Free of charge). At 16 year-old they will be encouraged to take their LTA Level 1 (100% funded by 10is Academy). By then the young coaches leave for University where they often coach to make some extra income.