Tennis Court Booking System

Tennis Court Booking System

Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

In order to make a booking you will need to be registered with Clubspark.  If you have not already registered, we will be sending you a final reminder shortly from the Clubspark system. 

You can register directly with Clubspark, or you can use your LTA, Facebook or other log-ons.

The booking module is also available through the Clubspark Booker App on your mobile device, which should download your bookings straight to your diary.

  • Bookings will open 14 days in advance on a rolling window basis
  • Each booking can be made in 30 minute intervals up to two hours
  • At present, there will be no charge for booking courts
  • Once you have made a booking you will receive an email confirmation

When booking courts please keep the following in mind:

  • Do not book the courts speculatively. Please only book if you really plan on playing
  • If a booked court is no longer required it should be cancelled as soon as possible
  • Avoid booking courts at the last minute.  If members are already playing on an “unbooked” court they should be allowed to continue
  • Any member abusing the system with repeated cancellations or non-attendance may have their booking rights suspended