Adult Coaching

ASN Coaching offer high level quality tennis coaching for all ages and abilities. With our coaching team having over 20 years of experience and all being LTA qualified, our programme is second to none and is adaptable for all. Our Programme includes Cardio Tennis, Tennis Xpress and individual and group lessons.

Cardio Tennis is a fun group activity for anyone, at any playing level, looking for a fun way to burn calories & interact with others outside of the gym. Cardio Tennis is a high energy fitness that combines the best features of the sport of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, delivering the ultimate, full body, calorie burning aerobic workout. Most women can burn 300 to 500 calories per hour and men burn between 500 to 1,000. Not only are you getting a great workout, but you are also learning a skill and training for tennis. Our Cardio Tennis is on a Wednesday evening and is growing from strength to strength with Steve, our Head Coach, having a full session nearly every week! 

ASN Coaching also do Tennis Xpress which is for adults who have never played or haven't played in a long time. It is an easy and fun way for adult beginners and improvers to get into the game. During Tennis Xpress you will be taught new skills and be shown how to serve, rally and score, so that by the end, you will be able to enjoy fun matches with your friends, family or other people you meet.  We run Tennis Xpress lessons on a Wednesday and Thursday.

We also run a very popular Tennis Tuesdays session on a Tuesday evening where all women are encouraged to come along and improve their skills and become a better player! This is one of our most popular sessions we run!

ASN Coaching run several Progressive tournaments and Inter Club matches throughout the year with the highlight being the Christmas match against Knowle and Dorridge Tennis Club which is followed by a lovely lunch in the new extended Club facility.

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For more information please contact Alison on 07846 756264 or email [email protected]   


Friendly Doubles Tennis Matches


West Warwicks and

Knowle & Dorridge

Tuesday 21st May at 11am at K&D

Thursday 6th June at 11am at WW

 Tuesday 22nd October at 11am at K&D

Friday 15th November at 11am at WW

Xmas Tournament Tuesday 3rd Dec at K&D

£8 per player

For all Social and Club players

8/10 players needed so book your place early

To book your place please contact Alison Isaacs on 07846 756264/e mail

[email protected]

Or speak to Reception at the Club