Rules for playing safely (Covid-19)


When playing at Abercorn Sports Club we ask that you comply with Scottish Government guidance, specifically FACTS:

  • Face coverings in enclosed spaces - these are not required while you play.
  • Avoid crowded places – maintain 2m from other players and club users, where possible 
  • Clean your hands and surfaces regularly – use the alcohol based sanitiser 
  • Two metre social distancing – maintain this where possible
  • Self isolate and book a test if you develop symptoms – please also let your opponent(s) know if you test positive in the SEVEN days after you played

If you feel unwell or have any Covid-19 symptoms, please do not enter the courts.


Note that you can now play tennis with up to FOUR other households.

Children aged 17 years and younger are not required to maintain social distancing while playing tennis – those aged 12-17, however, must return to social distancing once they are finished playing. 

  • Use the hand sanitiser on entering and leaving the courts.
  • Avoid congregating at the entrances, exits or net area and maintain 2m when talking with other players and club members.
  • Leave your court at the end of your booking so that players are able to arrive and leave without creating bottle necks at the entrance or exit.
  • Bags, water bottles etc. should be kept at the back of the courts – try to keep additional equipment to a minimum.
  • Although no longer a requirement, if possible use your own, marked tennis balls for your service games.  If you are sharing tennis balls with your opponent(s), avoid touching your face and sanitise your hands regularly.
  • It is recommended that, where possible, you use your foot or racquet to push non-playing balls back to your opponent(s) or the net.
  • Avoid sharing equipment but where it is necessary, please use additional hand sanitiser and/or wipes.
  • When playing doubles, limit compromising the 2m rule – it may be useful to call ownership early where the shot could be taken by either player.
  • If changing ends, opponent(s) should use different sides of the net.
  • Keep 2m from players on other courts – remain within your player cohort.

These rules are should be followed to protect yourself, your opponents and all users of Abercorn Sports Club.


The squash courts are now open for play but with several restrictions and rules in place. Please be aware of the following:

  • Use the hand sanitiser outside the courts before and after you play.
  • Read and understandd in full section 4 of the guidance for players published by Scottish Squash before playing. Guidance is available here.
  • As the changing rooms are not in use:
    • Please arrive in playing kit.
    • Place personal possessions at the front of the court under the tin.
  • Bring own personal water bottle as the water fountain at the club will not be available.
  • Wipe down common surfaces including court door handles etc. before and after play - wipes will be available at the front of the courts.
  • Avoid contact with the walls and especially do not wipe hands on the wall (use only a personal towel kept at the front of the court to wipe hands during play).
  • You should remain on court in between the games and not come off unless for an emergency (to reduce the number of people moving round the clubhouse communal areas and to maintain social distancing).
  • Leave the court door open after playing to encourage air circulation and ventilation.
  • Leave the clubhouse as soon as possible after finishing playing.

Track and Trace

It is now mandatory for the club to gather details of all those who use our facilities whether it is inside or outside. Therefore please ensure:

  • Your personal contact details are up to date on Clubspark.
  • You book a court before playing, please do not turn up and play.
  • The contact details for one member ie “lead booker” is sufficient but you will be required to provide contact info of who you played with if necessary for a period of 21 days.
  • There are a lot of guidelines to stick to and everyone has a responsibility to ensure they are followed to protect the safety of everyone using our facilities and your co-operation is appreciated.
  • The measures that we have put in place will be monitored daily.  If you feel that there are things that need to be reviewed or measures that need to be included then please don’t hesitate to email [email protected] and we will act on this immediately.