Rules for playing safely (Covid-19)


  • The clubhouse remains closed and the only access permitted is for a medical emergency. The first aid kit and defibrillator will be available on the table inside the entrance.

  • Maintain at least a 2m distance from others at all times

  • Only those playing tennis should be on Court – bookings must be made in advance

  • You must bring and only use your own equipment

  • Only singles permitted with players outside the same household

  • Members of the same household can play doubles (either 4 from the same household or between 2 households) – where possible Court 4 should be booked and used by groups

  • The main entrance to the courts will be remain open to avoid contact with lock and gate

  • Wash your hands thoroughly (minimum of 20 seconds) before arriving at the club

Booking System

  • You should expect your Court time to start 10 minutes after the time you booked

  • For example an 11am booking means you will be on Court and ready to play at 11.10am, this allows time for previous players to finish their games, collect their belongings and leave the Court whilst maintaining social distancing

Before You Play

  • Wait for the previous players to leave before entering the Court area

  • Use hand sanitiser on entering the Court area

  • Place any sports bags or additional equipment at the back of the court (not next to the net)

  • Make sure you and your opponents tennis balls are distinguishable – mark your own tennis balls clearly

On Court

  • Only pick up, touch and/or serve with your own tennis balls

  • Kick (or flick with your racquet) your opponents tennis balls into the net, – do not pick them up

  • Do not swap ends during the match – agree and remain at one end throughout

  • Do not shake hands or engage in any physical activity or contact with your opponent or anyone else on Court

  • Avoid chasing down the ball to another court if other players are using it

  • Where possible, only take necessary equipment onto Court – this will avoid cluttering up the space and help to maintain distancing

After You Play

  • Use the hand sanitiser on the way off Court

  • Do not close or lock the door, even if there is no-one waiting to come onto Court

  • Wash your hands thoroughly (minimum of 20 seconds) when you get home