Rules for playing safely (Covid-19)


When playing at Abercorn Sports Club we ask that you comply with Scottish Government guidance, specifically FACTS:

  • Face coverings in enclosed spaces - these are not required while you play.
  • Avoid crowded places – maintain 2m from other players and club users, where possible 
  • Clean your hands and surfaces regularly – use the alcohol based sanitiser 
  • Two metre social distancing – maintain this where possible
  • Self isolate and book a test if you develop symptoms – please also let your opponent(s) know if you test positive in the SEVEN days after you played

If you feel unwell or have any Covid-19 symptoms, please do not enter the courts.


Rules for playing Squash Safely

Full squash is now allowed for all ages groups

Please follow the rules below which have been provided by Scottish Squash to reduce the risks associated with Covid-19 and you can play squash safely.

  • Do not attend the clubhouse if you are showing any symptons of Covid
  • Players must have read and understood in full section 4 of the guidance for players published by Scottish Squash (on noticeboard behind squash court 1 & 2) before playing
  • Players must wipe down common surfaces including court door handles, court heaters and any walls that have been accidentally touched.  Disinfectant wipes are available to use at the front of the court.
  • Any personal possessions to be placed at the front of the court under the tin
  • Players should remain on court and not come off unless for an emergency (to reduce the number of people moving round the communal areas and to maintain social distancing)
  • Avoid contact with the walls and especially do not wipe hands on the wall (use only a personal towel kept at the front of the court to wipe hands during play)
  • Leave the court door open after playing to encourage air circulation and ventilation
  • Leave the clubhouse as soon as possible after finishing playing


Junior Squash Coaching Guidance

For participants and coaches

  1. If you start displaying symptoms of Covid-19 during the coaching session.
      a.  Alert the coach immediately
      b.  Stop participation and leave the club house as soon as possible
      c.  Make arrangements to travel home in a Covid safe manner – e.g. not on public transport
  2. If you start displaying symptoms of Covid-19 in the 7 days after the coaching session, as well as normal government procedures, please alert the club as which session was attended.
  3. Read and adhere to the guidance for use of the club house as above
  4. This includes (amongst others):
      a.  Use hand sanitiser before and after play.
      b.  Arrive ready to play – changing rooms are not open.
      c.  Bring your own water bottle.
      d.  Place personal possessions at the front of the court near the tin.
      e.  Wipe down common surfaces before and after play.
      f.   Avoid contact with the walls – use a personal towel to wipe your sweat.
      g.  Stay on the court during play – this reduces risk of transmission around the rest of the club.
      h.  Leave the court door open after play to help with ventilation.
      i.   Leave the clubhouse as soon as possible after the session ends.
  5. U18 are not restricted when playing squash
  6. Do not share equipment where possible – e.g. the same squash ball should not be shared between the coach and the participants.

For participants

  1. Wear a face covering in the clubhouse, when not participating in the coaching session.
  2. Please provide payment through electronic means if possible, although cash payment is still allowed.
  3. Please be aware that the coach needs to physical distance and ensure they are given space.
  4. Do not lean on the walls when receiving coaching.

For coaches

  1. Coaches should wear a face covering at all times when on court.
  2. Coaches should ensure that they are physically distanced from participants whilst on court.
  3. Coaches should take a register of all attending participants.
  4. Make the participants aware of the playing zones during coaching. This will generally be the coach in a back corner of the court and the participants in the other three quarters.
  5. Assess maximum numbers on court for the coaching activity taking into account the coach is restricted to the back corner of the court.
  6. Ensure all equipment used is disinfected after the session.

Table Tennis - updated 26th April

Table Tennis can be played under certain restrictions.  See guidance from Table Tennis Scotland on our website


  • Full tennis is now permitted for all age groups.
  • People who are symptomatic should self-isolate for 10 days and household members for 10 days as per NHS guidance. No one who is self isolating should attend a sports facility/activity.

Track and Trace

It is now mandatory for the club to gather details of all those who use our facilities whether it is inside or outside. Therefore please ensure:

  • Your personal contact details are up to date on Clubspark.
  • You book a court before playing, please do not turn up and play.
  • The contact details for one member ie “lead booker” is sufficient but you will be required to provide contact info of who you played with if necessary for a period of 21 days.
  • There are a lot of guidelines to stick to and everyone has a responsibility to ensure they are followed to protect the safety of everyone using our facilities and your co-operation is appreciated.
  • The measures that we have put in place will be monitored daily.  If you feel that there are things that need to be reviewed or measures that need to be included then please don’t hesitate to email [email protected] and we will act on this immediately.