Squash Box Leagues

Our box leagues are mini leagues that run on a monthly basis. Each league consists of 4-5 players, so all you have to do is play 3-4 matches over a month. They're a great way to meet the other members at the club get playing more squash.

All ages and abilities are welcome - we have all levels from team players to beginners taking part each month.

We use SportyHQ to run our box leagues. It's a great website that makes it easy to enter scores, track your results and view the leagues online.

Taking part

Near the end of every month a doodle pool is circulated by email to the club members, all you need to do is enter the poll and you'll be included in the next round.

You're free to drop out of the leagues and return for a later one - we'll try to get you back into a league close to where you left.


Match format

  • Each match is the best of 5 games with PAR (point-a-rally) 15 scoring.
  • A tiebreak is played if the game score reaches 14 points, where a player must win by two clear points.

League points

  • 1 point per game won
  • 1 point for a match win
  • 1 point for playing a match
  • 2 points for completing all your matches

Organising matches

  • Once registered on SportyHQ , it's easy to contact the other players in your box to arrange matches.
  • Please decide who will enter the match score into SportyHQ. It's fairly straightforward.
  • If you are having trouble contacting players to arrange matches, get in touch with the league organiser, Neelu, to help out.