Tennis Tournament 2018

Closed Tennis Championships 2018

This year's tournament takes place from Saturday August 11th until the finals day on Saturday August 25th. Entry for these competitions is from aged 14 upwards.

There are 5 competitions this year, each with a £4 entry:


The Men's singles is a normal seeded draw with a knock-out format. If the numbers are good enough, we'll been able to run a plate competition for those who are knocked out in the early stages.

The Ladies singles usually takes the form of a round-robin competition, but if the entry is good enough, we'll run a knock-out competition.

Both singles competitions are the best of 3 sets for all matches.


For all the doubles competitions, we draw random couples with some basic seeding to keep the pairs balanced and to give good match-ups. We've had some classic doubles matches over the last few years and it has a 'social tennis' feel. So, why not enter and try your luck!

Regular doubles matches are the best of 3, with two normal sets and a match tiebreaker (up to 10 points) instead of a third set. The final is the best of 3 normal sets.

Note that, depending on entry numbers, the Ladies doubles might be a round-robin format.

Entry & Match Times

To enter you can either email or fill in the sign-up sheets on the club noticeboard. Please indicate which competitions you'd like to enter, contact details and your availability over the two weeks.

The competition takes place over two weeks so we can try and fit with peoples schedules. Don't worry if you're not available every day - we can usually work around peoples schedules - August can be a busy month! Matches are generally played in the evening through the week and then all day on the weekends.

Finals Day

The finals are held on Saturday 25th August and as well as the tennis, we put on refreshments for the spectators. With the great weather we've been having this year we can hopefully get a BBQ on!