Club Championships 2022

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Annual Club Championship 2022

Finals day will be Saturday 24th September with a 12 midday start

There will be 5 events:

Singles - Women and Men

Doubles - Women and Men

Mixed Doubles


All doubles pairs entering will have a minimum of 3 matches, most likely more, depending on the entry numbers.  The more people that enter, the more matches each pair will play.


Singles will be a straight knock-out event with two seeds.


To enter, each person to place in a single envelope (provided in clubhouse, by notice board)

1) name of the event they are entering

2) their total fee

3) their telephone number

4) the name of their partner(s) for any doubles event.


The envelope to be placed in the black post box inside the clubhouse.

 As soon as the schedule of all participants/matches is displayed on the notice board, it is up to each player/pair to arrange their matches and to mark the result on same sheet after completing the match.

Please note that each person is responsible for their own entry and fee payment hence partners in doubles events must ensure that they both enter before the closing date.

 Closing date for entries is 18th June 2022.  Please note, no entries will be accepted after the closing date.  Entry fee is £2 per person per event.  If no payment is received before the deadline, the entry will not be accepted.