Aberystwyth Town & Gown Tournament 3 Nov 19

On a balmy November Sunday, a total of 20 players from Aberystwyth University Tennis Club (gown) and Aberystwyth Lawn Tennis Club (town) came together to play in a 'whist-drive' tournament.  This means each participant playing seven rounds of seven doubles games, where players move around the courts, changing partners for each pairing. Then after playing the 7 games, the number of games won by each individual are totted up.  Those with the highest number of games played in a semi-final. 

In the first semi-final Huw Richards (town) and Jude Barbour (gown) edged Declan Barry (gown) and Angela Marshall (town) 6-3. In the second, Steve Richards-Price (town) and Laith Kahn (gown) beat Dwynwen Davies (town) and Peter Jones (gown) 6-2.

The final started off closely with a score of 2-2, but Richards-Price and Kahn took the next 4 games to win comfortably 6-2, defeating Richards - who is Steve's son - and Barbour.

Each player brought food for a shared lunch in the clubhouse adding a social dimension to this event and increasing the links between town and gown players. Anyone interested in picking up a racket again and having a go at social tennis can contact