Ball Machine

The club owns a ball machine, which is stored in the clubhouse. Club members may use it by strictly following these guidelines, as it is potentially hazardous if not used correctly. The club does not accept responsibility for any injuries from its unauthorised or incorrect use.

Who May Use It?

  1. Authorised adult or youth members should only use the ball machine.
  2. Full adult club members can be authorised to use the ball machine after receiving training from a club-qualified coach, which includes safety guidance.
  3. Junior members, 12 to 17 years may be authorised, by both parent and child signing an agreement to accept responsibility; otherwise an authorised adult must supervise them.
  4. Junior members under 12 years must never use the ball machine without an authorised adult supervising.

How Should It be Used?

  1. The ball machine should be operated according to the instructions.
  2. Only yellow balls should be used in the machine.
  3. The machine must not be used in wet conditions.
  4. The machine should be used on courts 3 or 4, which need to be booked in advance. The machine should be plugged in to the electrical socket located at the base of the floodlight posts between courts 2 & 3.
  5. Use of the ball machine must be recorded on the log sheet kept with it.
  6. The machine should be returned to its storage location in the clubhouse cupboard and all balls should be cleared away after use.