Coronavirus Transmission Risk Reduction

Aboyne Tennis has developed a protocol to minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission whilst visiting and playing tennis at the club. This follows Tennis Scotland guidance, developed with the Scottish government.

The key points of how arrangements have been changed are explained in this short video from our friends at Deeside Tennis Academy. Here are the requirements in full, which MUST BE STRICTLY ADHERED to by ALL USERS of Aboyne tennis courts.

  • Courts MUST be PRE-BOOKED by MEMBERS or VISITORS (who must leave contact details)
  • SINGLES PLAY ONLY (DOUBLES is permissible with one or a MAXIMUM of two households)
  • Players MUST BRING their OWN equipment and MARKED TENNIS BALLS; only touch your own equipment i.e. ONLY SERVE WITH YOUR OWN TENNIS BALLS and use racquets to return balls to server
  • ONLY PLAYERS are ALLOWED to ACCESS CLUBHOUSE PORCH/COURTS (other than in an emergency); if staying, parents/guardians/others must practice social distancing outside the courts. 
  • PLAYERS MUST WAIT, socially distanced, OUTSIDE courts UNTIL their booked COURT IS FREE i.e. any previous players have fully exited the club (waiting players may use another free court, if available).
  • PLAYERS MUST WASH HANDS BEFORE arrival and ALSO bring their OWN HAND SANITISER for USE PRIOR to ENTERING and AFTER LEAVING courts (club will provide this for anyone who forgets)
  • Access/exit DOOR HANDLES and KEYPAD MUST be CLEANED by players before/after use (club will provide cleaning materials next to door, inside and out); in addition the club will also regularly disinfect these
  • NETS will be set at the correct heights and NO ATTEMPT should be made to touch or ADJUST them (winders will not be available)
  • NO ACCESS to CLUBHOUSE or VICTORY HALL TOILETS (which are signed/taped). No benches or tables will be available inside porch or on courts. Picnic benches outside courts must not be used and will be taped off.