March Newsletter

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March 2020 E-Newsletter

Welcome to our inaugural e-newsletter for ALTSBC members. Newsletters will be emailed to all members in the first week of each month and be posted on our club website. Anyone with items to be included in the newsletter (or who sees corrections that need to be made) can email ​​ Please email items by the end of the previous month for inclusion in the newsletter.

Pop into the office and say ‘Hello!’
to our new Club Administrator - Kristabelle Jones. Also please note our new office hours.


Chairman’s Column:

Since I last wrote to members back in December the club has continued to move in the right direction. The resurrection of the monthly newsletter is one of these clear steps forward and I would like to thank our social secretary, JJ, for taking on the job of producing it. I hope we can use this newsletter to increase the amount of communication with members. This was an issue recently raised in a survey run by Adrian Allsopp and the Tennis Committee. The survey was a good opportunity for the Management Committee to get an understanding the views of the membership. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who responded to our club survey.
The responses from approximately one-third of all members suggest the availability of facilities is good and satisfaction with the social aspects of the club is positive. Of course there were some issues raised which I want to touch on in my Chairman's Column this month.

One of the concerns raised was the state of lighting on the indoor court. I can inform the membership that I have set up a working party group to draw up a plan for replacing the current indoor court lighting with brand new LED lighting. I hope is that this group can bring forward a suitable plan which can be accepted on behalf of the membership by the Management Committee and then we can move forward to find the right quote for the club. All being well I hope the work can be achieved before the next winter season comes round later this year. This will give the club a positive start to the journey I discussed at the AGM and my last chairman's update. Along side the lighting project the working party will be considering our storage capacity around the club and drawing up plans as to how we can improve and increase our storage.

In the first couple of months of this year we have also begun crucial work on the infrastructure of the club. Work has occurred to repair the balcony so we no longer have leaks within the storage cupboard, tournament office and the main office itself.

I would also like to praise the number of social events that have been a success over the last couple of months. A huge thank you to Tim Gully and his team for once again putting on a very enjoyable and successful Burns' Night. The month quizzes continue to be fun and well attended and a huge thank you to the Gosport Gators for hosting a Netball mix in on the first of this month which was great exercise and a good laugh. Supporting these social events is important as it helps the club financial but also makes the club busier which will help with attracting new members into membership.

Finally for this month, another issue that was raised in the survey was the cost of membership. Although, we as a committee would love to reduce the cost of membership, we are not in a position to do that. To improve club facilities we need the money to do so and our primary income is through membership fees. You may have seen an email from Rachel, our treasurer, stating that this year we would again see a small increase in fees. This is again needed so that the club can afford to pay for the increases in bills such as an increase in the national minimum wage. We will continue to examine the membership categories and assess what can be done to benefit members whilst maintaining the financial feasibility of the club.

Let us continue moving forward on our journey together, for the benefit of all! Carl Titterington, Club Chairman

Need to Get in Touch?,​ ​​, 023 9258 3726

Upcoming Social Events:

1/3 Netball Mix-In and Chilli Social (1000 - 1200)

6/3 March Quiz (1930 - Back Bar)

Upcoming Fixtures:

1/3 Tennis Mixed 2 V Active Academy (Court 3&4 at 1000)

11/3 Squash Vets V Rivers Vets
13/3 Squash V Alton Academy (1st Team)

15/3 Tennis Men’s 1 V Canoe Lake 3

17/3 Badminton Men’s 2 V Cowsplain

25/3 Squash Vets V Fair Oaks Vets


Club Nights/Join In Opportunities: (Weekly)

● Mondays
○ 2000-2100 AdVANCEd Circuit Training (Indoor Court)

● Tuesdays
○ 1730-1900 - Junior Club Night (Outdoor Court)

● Wednesdays

○  1030-1200 - Pickleball (Indoor Court)

○  1800-2000 - Tennis Club Night (Tennis Courts)

○  1930-2130 - Badminton Adult Mix-in (Indoor Court)

● Thursdays:

○  1930-2130 - Squash Club Night (Squash Courts)

○  1930-2130 - Badminton Club Night (Indoor Court) ● Fridays:

○ 0930-1200 - Bridge Club (Back Bar) ● Saturdays:

○  0930-1030 - Junior Squash Club Night (Squash Courts)

○  1600-1730 - Pickleball (Indoor Court)

○  1730-1900 - Badminton (Indoor Court)

● Sundays:

○ 1400-1600 - Tennis Club Afternoon (Outdoor Courts)

Coaching Opportunities: (Weekly)

● Mondays:
○ 1100 - 1200 - Cardio Tennis or Adult Drills

● Thursdays:

○  1515 - 1615 - Afterschool Club Touch Tennis

○  1730 - 1830 - Teen Squad

○  1900 - 2000 - Adult Drills/Intermediate Drills and Match Play

● Fridays:

○  1600 - 1700 - TFK Tennis for Kids

○  1700 - 1830 - Family TouchTennis

○  1830 - 2000 - Adult Advanced Drills and Match Play

● Saturdays:

○  0900-0930 - Junior Beginners Squash (Squash Courts)

○  1030-1130 - Adult Squash Coaching (Squash Courts)

○  1300-1500 - Junior Tennis Coaching 2-11yrs (Indoor/Outdoor)

○  1500-1600 - Adult Rusty Rackets (Indoor/Outdoor)

Recent Successes:
Badminton won away on Friday (21/2) 12-0 v University of Portsmouth 


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Need to Get in Touch?,​ ​​, 023 9258 3726