Clubmark accreditation

What is it?

Tennis Club Mark is the LTA's club accreditation programme. All types of club are eligible to apply, including traditional tennis clubs, school clubs and those operating within the commercial sector.


Achieving Tennis Clubmark means the LTA endorses and supports the tennis programmes your club delivers on court and the policies and procedures you have in place off court. These are crucial to ensuring that your club is managed effectively and that you provide a safe environment for junior members to enjoy and play tennis.

Tennis Clubmark provides a framework to help clubs improve themselves, and to ensure that their programmes, policies and procedures are all in line with best practice. This isn't a tick box accreditation exercise. Rather, in achieving Tennis Clubmark you are demonstrating your contribution to the delivery of the Blueprint, by improving the quality of your club, the coaches that work within your club environment and the competition that your club delivers.

Benefits to the Club

  • Is the sign of high quality and recognises clubs which use correct practices
  • Raises the profile of the club
  • Eligibility to receive LTA funding (includes facility grants and loans)
  • Recognition for the tennis programmes your club is delivering

The are a number of Clubmark policies that the volunteers at the club adhere to. These include:

  • Child Protection
  • Code of Practice for Working with Young People
  • Images of children and young people
  • Equality and diversity
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Retention
  • Health and Safety Maintenance Guidance
  • First Aid Notice
  • Complaints and Feedback