Book your court

Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

- Each booking slot duration will be 30 minutes, a maximum of 3 slots are allowed per booking for doubles (i.e. 90 minutes) and 2 slots per booking for singles play (i.e 60 minutes).
- Bookings can be made from 7am, 7 days in advance.
- A maximum of 4 bookings can be made over each 7 day period.
- There is no charge to make a booking

- If you need to cancel a court please do so at the earliest opportunity to enable someone else to play.
- Court bookings are not mandatory and where members turn up and play the general rules for court usage (displayed in the clubhouse) will apply. However, the court must be vacated should a member with a court booking arrive.
- Members are asked to use the court which they have booked, however should there be circumstances where any courts are unavailable for play (e.g. water on court, broken net), then the following order shall be adhered to on the remaining courts: League Matches, Tournaments Events, Coaching, Club Nights/Morning, Online Court Booking for Social Play, Turn up and play (no online booking).
- When a court booking time slot finishes, players should vacate the court if other members are waiting to play regardless of whether they have booked the court or not.
- Bookings for the same 2 or 4 players should not be made 'back-to-back' by different members booking the court.
- These rules will be continually reviewed and updated as necessary over the trial period (winter 2018/9).


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