Book your court

Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

Court bookings

Each booking is for one hour only.  If this is not taken up within 10 minutes of the booked time, then another member can take the court.   If members know in advance that they cannot play, they are expected to cancel the booking, whenever possible.  

Members can book one session a day.

Visitors’ fees are £2 per person per session (50p for juniors) payable to the accompanying member.   Visitors can play up to 3 times per year.

Members will be issued with a code to access the courts and clubhouse. 

Please leave donations to cover the cost of tea, coffee, milk provided on the fridge.

Adults may obtain a key to use the floodlights – these can only be used up to 9 pm.

To join one of the Social Tennis sessions  on Tuesday mornings or Friday mornings please contact Diane Sharpe at or 0797 4104629

To join the Whats Ap Group for Ladies Doubles on Monday evenings contact Delia Langley on 07791 444581 

To join the Whats Ap Group for Mens Doubles on Thursday evenings contact James Seagrave on 07979 528695

General Rules

The net winder and measuring stick are to be kept in the clubhouse.     Do not overwind.   Use centre band correctly and never abuse or lean on the nets.  After use nets should be lowered by 2 turns to reduce the tension.

Wear appropriate shoes – rubber soled shoes which are likely to mark the court surface will not be permitted.

Lost property will be put in the clubhouse or (if valuable) handed to a committee member.