Mixed 1 promoted to Division 2

A long winter season disrupted by plenty of heavy rain and unusually chilly temperatures resulted in several rearranged fixtures for our Mixed 1 team. We got off to a promising start taking on and beating the mighty Halton and Berkhamsted in an unbeaten run lasting 6 matches. We then suffered something of a post-Xmas lull losing the next two matches leaving us mid-table at the end of February. This was the catalyst the squad needed and we came back with a bang winning our remaining five matches convincingly and achieving second position in Division 3 thereby securing promotion to Division 2 next winter. An incredible result for such a small club. 

A massive thank you to the nine person squad with special thanks to Anne Green who was the bedrock of our team playing in ten of the 12 matches. Also a shout out to 16 year old Ben McCrory who, despite having major surgery on his wrist in December, made a remarkable recovery and was able to play a key role in us securing promotion by playing in our final two matches. But its not about individuals, its all about a great squad of people doing their best and enjoying the tennis so a big thank you to everyone for another successful and memorable season from your Captain. Thank you!

Andy May, 28 April 2024