Junior Coaching:

Our junior classes run in line with the local school terms.  Classes cost £7.50 per  class and are booked in 5-8 week half term blocks.  Our lessons follow the local schools term dates. The price goes down to £6.50  if you book multilple sessions or siblings. To get this multiple booking disount  you need to contact me directly and pay online or cash.  You can pay for a one off coaching session at £7.50 to try out before commiting to a block. 

Head Coach: James Mott: Level 4 Senior Performance Coach


Adult Coaching:

Adult classes happen every Saturday: 

£8 per hour. Additional £2 for non members 

  • 9am: Beginners - Intermediate
  • 10am: Improvers
  • 11am: Advanced Improvers

Private Coaching:

We  have private coaching sessions ranging from £37 for members or an extra £2 for non members.


Please get in contact if you have any questions. Thanks, James Mott