Club Rules

Barcombe Tennis Club: Guidance for Members

Please lock up the courts, key box and clubhouse door when you leave.

The courts can be booked at any time with just a few exceptions related to Coaching and Club Events.
To avoid disappointment, please use the online Court Booking tool and cancel your booking if it is no longer needed. 

Visitors are welcome; however, they do need to play with a member, who has the key, and they must pay the current visitors fee (£3 for an adult and £2 for a junior). This is only fair to all the members. There is a box in the clubhouse for the money, which is a form of honesty box so please use it.  Also, please write your details in the visitors book.

The Recreation ground can get very muddy, please change into tennis shoes on court or use the brushes hanging inside the court door to clean shoes as the mud makes the courts slippery and adds to the moss.

It is also safer to have flat soled trainers to play in rather than chunky ones and it reduces the wear on the tarmac.  There are pictures on the club house wall showing which shoes are most suitable.

Inevitably, playing tennis can be a risky activity. Barcombe Tennis Club can accept no liability for injuries or accidents sustained whilst using our facilities. Please use your own sound judgement to keep risks to a minimum.

And finally, this extract from Club Rules is to provide guidance to members on the courtesies, protocols and practices which we are meant to follow, hopefully to the benefit of all:

1. If all courts are in use, then singles players are expected to invite those waiting to participate in doubles. It allows us all to play and to get the most out of the courts, and it’s also good fun to play with other people.

2. Courts may be booked using the on-line Booking System, but apart from the regular weekly slots for coaching, ladies morning, and men’s morning, no individual bookings should exceed two hours.

3. Senior players take precedence over Juniors (under 18), on Club Nights and at weekends.

4. On Club Nights, Club Night play takes precedence over coaching, tournament matches, rusty rackets, and personal matches.

Above all, please play with sense and courtesy at all times and enjoy your game!