CORONVIRUS and Barcombe Tennis Club's Policy on Membership and Use of Courts

Based on the latest guidance from the LTA we believe that the courts meet the LTA requirements in all material respects.  Obviously, the Covid-19 situation is still critical, however, and there are limitations as to playing .

Conditions of play

Firstly the club expects all members to read and adhere to the LTA guidelines which can be accessed at:

In addition:

  • You must register as an Interim Member on the Club’s website to play.  No guests will be allowed but they may play once they have joined as an Interim Member.
  • You must book a court on the website before you play.  This is so should there be any case of COVID-19 of a member that has played on the courts, contact tracing of other possibly affected members may be made. 
  • During the Interim period, in order to avoid members having to touch keys, we will open up the courts each morning and they will be closed at night.  There will be no access to the Clubhouse.

More on interim membership

  1. For those that wish to play under current restrictions, we have introduced an Interim Membership until 30 June 2020.  The cost of this interim membership is a nominal sum of £5, regardless of the category you are joining (Family/Double/Single/Student/Junior).
  2. Payment for this is by GoCardless DD only, to restrict handling of cash or cheques by the Treasurer.
  3. Your attention is drawn to the fact that Number One court will be resurfaced from (1 June to approximately 3 July).  The court had been due for resurfacing this year and the Committee thought it better to progress this whilst there were restrictions in place rather than waiting until the originally planned August/September.  We also had in mind that the contractor had suffered a number of cancellations and, in these very difficult times for small businesses, we wanted to be as supportive as possible.
  4. The Committee reserves the right to change these terms if circumstances change but we will only do so in a way that is financially fair to members. By way of example if we cannot open the courts fully after 30 June, then we will reduce the membership rate applicable accordingly.