CORONVIRUS and Barcombe Tennis Club's Policy on Membership and Use of Courts

Based on the latest guidance from the LTA we believe that the courts meet the LTA requirements in all material respects. Obviously, the Covid-19 situation is still being monitored closely, however, and there are still some limitations as to playing tennis.

Conditions of play

Firstly the club expects all members and their guests to read and adhere to the LTA guidelines which can be accessed with the link at:

LTA Guidance

In addition:

  • You must book a court on the website before you play.  This is so should there be any case of COVID-19 of a member that has played on the courts, contact tracing of other possibly affected members may be made.
  • The courts are locked and there will be a need to access the courts using the keys which will be in the key safe, fixed to the outside of the clubhouse.  Those that join will be sent the code to the key safe.
  • The Committee reserves the right to change these terms if circumstances change but we will only do so in a way that is financially fair to members.