Barcombe Tennis Club welcomes guests to the club on the following basis:

The Guest fee for the 2021/2022 season is set at £5 per session, subject to review.

In the current situation we ask that you post your Guests details and payment through the slot next to the key safe, fitted on the outside of the clubhouse.


Members responsibilities

  • A Member may introduce up to three guests into the Club at any one time
  • A Member inviting a Guest is responsible for ensuring their details are provided (name and email address and/or mobile number) and fee paid
  • A Member introducing a Guest shall be held responsible for their conduct and for their strict adherence to the Club Rules.


Guest responsibilities

  • A Guest may only play with a current, key holding member of the Club
  • A Guest must be aware of and adhere to the Club rules especially regarding health and safety
  • A Guest can only play as a Guest three times during any one year.  After that they will be expected to join the Club


These conditions have been devised to be fair to existing fee-paying members of the club.