Henman knocked off perch by Harnden

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Tim Henman's brief reign at the top of the 2017 tennis ladder is over. Only a week into the season-long competition, his commitment to off-court activities left him unable to respond to a challenge raised by a feisty Harnden, who jumps from 4th to 1st as a result of this walkover. 

Whilst elated with his victory over the former world no.4 Harnden is focused on the future, admitting that the target is now on his back. 

In other ladder news, a switcharound in the minor places saw Douglass pick off Willems, who now falls within the clutches of a belligerent and dangerous-looking Carwyn Hughes. Hughes, angry at the random draw that saw him starting in 20th and last place, is looking to channel his fury into his tennis. Fordom, Rolph and now Willems should beware.