Padel Programme

Become a better padel player or simply discover the game of padel with the help of our coach Vincent!

The Game4Padel Edinburgh programme runs at Barnton Park LTC. Our aim is to take you on a padel journey from your first step on a padel court to mastering the art of a bandeja or a vibora.

Have a look at our Edinburgh Padel coaching programme below and book your space here.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Try Padel!     Barnton - 1st of each month 7.30pm       Thistle -1st of each month 10am
Padel Xpress Thistle 7pm Thistle 8pm Barnton 6.30pm        
Level 1 & 2   Thistle 7pm          
Level 3       Thistle 7pm & 8pm      
Level 4+ Thistle 8pm            
Social Padel           Barnton 9.30am Thistle 11am



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