S T A R M A K E R competition

Yes I know,  this appears under the coaching section, but this is the correct place for the STARMAKER competition. Welcome.

(but have a quick read of the info below first)

A series of 1 day competitions in a new "slotted" format. Click the link(s) below to register yourself for the dates and slot that work for you.   If you can play during any slot, just register with your preferred slot - but email the organiser to advise you can make any slot, p.mirza@outlook.com.  

The event is designed for developing players of all ages male and female. Stronger players can of course also enter, infact it's encouraged.

How the event works:

  • We will have up to 6 players in each slot.
  • Format will be round robin,
  • You will get to play up to 5 mini matches.
  • The matches will consist of 3 regular tie-breaks,
  • All the points you win will go towards your final position.  
  • Event will typically be played on the hard courts, but whenever possible we will use the grass courts.

Why tie-breaks? I believe this makes for a more balanced event. Stronger players have to concentrate to keep their score on track. Developing players have the opportunity to be ambitious and steal some sets.

Mixed!,  is this fair? To help balance the level of competition and to give everyone a fighting chance when we have juniors (under 16 at the time of the event, and female players) they will receive a 2 point head start in each tie-break).  

Top performing players, will be invited back to compete in the end of season final. If numbers permit there will also be a top performing juniors and womens event.

To enter use one of the links below
(Entries close Wednesday 9pm 21/03/2018, registered players will receive an email on Thursday 22/03/2018 to confirm event will run)

12pm slot MARCH 25th COMPETITION



More events in the pipeline, come back frequently to check when available;

APR COMPETITION PROPOSED DATE (unconfirmed)....Saturday 21st
MAY COMPETITION PROPOSED DATE (unconfirmed)....Sunday 13th
JUN COMPETITION PROPOSED DATE (unconfirmed)....Saturday 16th
JUL COMPETITION PROPOSED DATE (unconfirmed)....Sunday 22nd
AUG COMPETITION PROPOSED DATE (unconfirmed)....Saturday 18th
​SEP COMPETITION PROPOSED DATE (unconfirmed)....Sunday 16th


Depending on number of competitors over the season we may be able to hold a separate final for top placed women and for top placed juniors (U16).