Waverley hope to use this page to list items that our members have but no longer need. 
It could be a good opportunity to grab a bargain with an advantage of arranging to see the product and meet the seller before buying.

We are not "ebay" we are just trying to give members and visitors ( who may be local to Basingstoke) a chance to buy used and maybe sometimes new gear from members. 

We will trial this page in 2017, and depending on feedback and use will determine it's future use.

Most people have at some point bought something, used it and then found it isn't quite right for them or with rackets, may have used them and are now ready to upgrade.  Either way, rather than the gear gathering dust we at Waverley think it would be a good idea to make this available to others.

To add something to this page please contact [email protected],  details required will be;

Product: Product and brief description
Price: You can give rrp or price bought and then price selling for
Condition: Brief info on condition, do include any known faults, and reason for sale (RFS)
Seller Details: Name, email, phone

All items listed and any subsequent sale is between the seller and buyer. Waverley are only acting as a notice-board for this activity.

Due to the website limitations we are not able to upload images of items to this page, it is suggested that you provide a decent description and maybe also a link where the potential buyer can see the product, or you can agree to send images direct to the buyer once contact made.
Best, may be for the seller and buyer simply agree to meet (perhaps at the club) check over the item and perhaps play some tennis.

See "FOR SALE" tab at top of page for listing