2020 Singles Ladder roundup

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After a night of rain and wind, storm ALEX relented and the tennis got underway shortly after 12:30pm.
With conditions initially uncertain underfoot the bravery of Waverley elite players was as clear as the brightening sky.
It was an amazing day of tennis, adherence to the rule of six, hands/face/space was no issue at all. The magnificent 7 plus 1  (see picture on right) played at levels seldom seen.
After a season of ladder matches every player involved who took to the court on this day was battle hardened and steadfastly immovable, no-one was here to give an inch.
With several categories being contested only the surefooted would prevail and indeed it proved to be the case. 
Onto the results: OVER 45;  Joe, lion hearted, found that all his years of experience and Waverley heritage couldn't carry him to victory. New boy John had an arsenal of tennis that could not be denied. Well played John, nice shorts too!
OVER 30;  Steady as a rock and hard as steel, Sam was always going to be a tough nut to crack. Giving away a few years Dr.Hugo simply could not unravel the game style of the younger man. Everytime Hugo came close, Sam resisted and took control of matters.  The result could not have been closer, but Sam took the win.
MOST MATCHES; A reward for the players who supported the ladder competition by playing the greatest number of matches.  After two exciting semi-finals we had our finalists, both were tall men with a played match list as long as their reach. It was a game of two halfs, Like a greyhound Chris was lightning and in a flash had secured the first set. Hari took a time-out, had a good hard look at himself and amazingly turned the tables! Chris could not defend the second set ferocity unleashed by the racket of Hari. Just as the one-sided first set went to Chris, the second was supremely taken by Hari.  It was completely apt that the last match of the day would conclude with a champions tie-breaker. Nip and tuck point by point, Chris stole the win from a resurgening Hari. 

We escaped the rain, the spectators got to enjoy some of the best tennis in Basingstoke this year. OK it may not have been Roland Garros, but the endeavour, ambition, appetite was no less. Well done everyone who took part - and thank you to the spectators for remaining social distant while supporting the event.

Unplayed categories to be completed later in the month.
Ladies final.



*****     HAYDEN CUMMINGS   *****
*****              4 - 3     4 - 0                 *****

Well done Hayden