League Fixtures


  Mens 1
Date Home Team Away Team Time
Sat-28-Apr Beechdown A Waverley A 14:00
Wed-16-May Waverley A Winchester A 18:30
Sun-27-May Totally Tennis A Waverley A 10:00
Wed-13-Jun Waverley A Andover A 18:30
Wed-11-Jul Waverley A Kingsclere A 18:30
Wed-25-Jul Waverley A RSF A 19:00
Mon-20-Aug Overton A Waverley A 19:00


  Mens 2  
Date Home Team Away Team Time
Sun-29-Apr Waverley B Andover B 10:00
Sat-12-May Hook A Waverley B 14:00
Sun-27-May Waverley B Odiham A 10:00
Wed-27-Jun Totally Tennis B Waverley B 18:30
Sun-08-Jul Waverley B Hampshire Court A 10:00
Sun-22-Jul Waverley B Old Basing B 10:00
Tue-07-Aug Goodworth Clatford A Waverley B 18:30


  Mens 4  
Date Home Team Away Team Time
Sun-29-Apr Sherborne Waverley C 10:00
Sun-13-May Beechdown C Waverley C 14:00
Wed-30-May Waverley C BDH 18:30
Sun-10-Jun Waverley C Hook B 10:00
Wed-27-Jun Waverley C Odiham B 18:30
Sat-04-Aug Oakley B Waverley C 10:00
Wed-22-Aug Waverley C Hartley Wintney 18:30
Sun-02-Sep Hampshire Court B Waverley C 10:00



Previous years


For home matches the teams typically use the 2 hard courts, but the captains can opt to play the match on grass (maybe a small home advantage)

  Mens Div 2, Captain Tony Vanderslott  
  Home Team Away Team Time  
Wed-17-May Waverley A Totally Tennis B 18:30  
Wed-31-May Waverley A Old Basing B 18:30  
Sat-10-Jun Winchester A Waverley A 14:00  
Mon-26-Jun RSF B Waverley A 19:00  
Wed-12-Jul Waverley A Oakley A 18:30  
Wed-26-Jul Waverley A Hook A 18:30  
Sun-06-Aug Andover B Waverley A 10:00  
Sunday 13th Aug -R Andover B Waverley A 10:00 re-arranged date
Thu-24-Aug Aldermaston A Waverley A 18:30  
  Mens Div 3, Captain John McKay  
  Home Team Away Team Time  
Sat-29-Apr Winchester B Waverley B 16:00  
Sun-14-May Waverley B BDH 10:00 clash with Cteam
Sun-11-Jun Waverley B Odiham A 10:00  
Sun-25-Jun Kingsclere B Waverley B 10:00  
Sun-02-Jul Waverley B Beechdown C 10:00 rearranged date
Sun-09-Jul (courts free) Waverley B Mortimer A 10:00 to be rearranged
Sun-23-Jul Waverley B Oakley B 10:00  
Thu-10-Aug Preston Candover Waverley B 19:00  
Sat-19-Aug Beechdown B Waverley B 10:00  
  Mens Div 4, Captain Barclay Martin  
  Home Team Away Team Time  
Sun-30-Apr Waverley C Sherborne 10:00  
Sun-14-May Waverley C Whitchurch 10:00 clash with B team
Tue-30-May Aldermaston B Waverley C 18:30  
Wed-14-Jun Waverley C Hampshire Court B 18:30  
Mon-26-Jun Odiham B Waverley C 18:30  
Sun-09-Jul Overton B Waverley C 10:00  
Sun-23-Jul Hook B Waverley C 10:00  
Wed-09-Aug Waverley C Goodworth Clatford B 18:30  
Sun-20-Aug Hartley Wintney Waverley C 13:30