Coronovirus and 2020 Subscriptions

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After discussions with other members of the committee, we have decided we can't really charge the full fee this year, as we have reduced facilities & no matches or club nights, but we do need to ensure our club survives until next year. The fees we will be charging are:
Adult £65
Family £130
Child £15
Student £25
New member £50
We are also including a link to a voluntary contribution of £10 or £20, which you can give at any time in the year. If you use the tennis courts as much as normal and / or the coronavirus pandemic has not affected you financially, we hope that you will give this donation to support your tennis club.
I want to add that if anyone finds themselves in dire straights financially, please contact me, to see what can be done, so that you can continue to play tennis in these difficult times.
Best wishes,