COVID-19 Court and LTA Update

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Firstly, thank you for bearing with us! We're aware that you'll have been inundated with emails about this awful virus over the last week or so, we're just trying to keep you up to date with what we're doing and the guidance laid out for us.

Whilst we're going to be keeping our courts open for members to play, unfortunately we're going to have to fully close the clubhouse. This means the toilets will no longer be available until further notice. We're really sorry about this but we had no choice!

The latest update and advice for venues from the LTA is provided on the following link.

Please read visit this page as there are some specifics that we're being asked to do if we're going to remain open for play. This includes (in addition to the advice we sent recently):
* No change of ends duing games
* Have clean balls! They're advising using new balls every time..... to be clear!
* Wash your hands before entering the courts and use a hand sanitizer frequently.

We also wanted to update you about memberships. Again, we've had many discussions about this as your renewals are due from 1st April.
We've all agreed that, given the latest advice around club opening, that all current memberships will be frozen and you will not be asked to pay until this crisis is over.

We're going to keep the courts open for members but would ask you to refrain from bringing guests down at the moment.

Finally, we've been genuinely humbled by the feedback from some members. We've tried to keep the information specific to our club and our members. Hopefully we're just about hitting the right spot.

Best wishes,

Beauchief Tennis Club Committee