Club News September 2021


The club end of season tournament (and the heavily anticipated pound club draw) will be held on Sunday 26 September at 11am (weather permitting). If it is raining it will be moved on to the next Sunday. Please let Deirdre know if you expect to attend.

The first Autumn working party was held on  Saturday 18 September and although the numbers were low some good jobs were completed .

Small trees were felled in front of the club house to make way for the floodlight stanchions.

Moss killer was applied to courts 1&2 and more, stronger powder will be added on 21 September. We would then recommend that these courts are not played on until it rains.

Improvements were made to the court surrounds of courts 3 & 4 and all we are waiting for now is the boards to go along the base of the end netting.

Bojan's students are working at the club on Thursday 30 September and we hope amongs other tasks they will work on the end conifer hedge.