The Seniors County Cup is played over two stages – a qualifying event, followed by a Finals. 

For 2022, county teams have been placed in groups based on their performance at the 2019 event, with group sizes differing between age groups. 

Teams who finish top of Group 1 of each age group will qualify for the Finals and compete against each other to determine which county will be crowned champion! 

There are seven events for both men and women:  

  • Women – Over 40s, Over 50s, Over 55s, Over 60s, Over 65s, Over 70s and Over 75s  
  • Men – Over 45s, Over 50s, Over 55s, Over 60s, Over 65s, Over 70s and Over 75s 

Teams are made up of a minimum of four and a maximum of five players. 

National Inter-County Championships - for teams selected and entered by their counties in age groups from 40 for Women and 45 for Men up to the 75 age group.  This also runs from April to finals in November.

Please contact the organiser Rob Sims at Berkshire Tennis if you are interested in play in any of the teams. 

LTA Seniors County Cup 2022 

Men's Ladies O40 - Group 1b

Ladies O50 - Group 3b

Men's O55 - Group 3a

Men's O60 - Group 2b and Ladies 3b

Men's O65 - Group 2a

Men's O70 - Group 3a


 LTA Seniors County Cup Evenrts 2021 Compettion Pack

Ladies O40's - Ladies 40's - Ladies 40's - Group D, Ladies O50's -Ladies 50's - Ladies 50's - Grou 

Men's O45's - Men's 45's - Men's 45's - Group D, Men's O55's - Men's 55's - Men's 55's - Group D, Men's O60's - Men's 60's - Men's 60's - Group E, Men's O65's - Men's 65's - Men's 65's - Group E, Men's O70's - Men's 70's - Men's 70's - Group F