Coaching at the Club

Individual Coaching

The Club has six coaches, under the leadership of head coach Stuart Davoile -  Jon Baber, Collen Mhlanga, Kayne Mann, Harry Malone, Jamie Hannan.

Jon, Collen, Harry, Kanye and Jamie support Stuart with a range of coaching options available, from group sessions to one-on-one sessions.  These range from mini-tennis beginners through to performance coaching for juniors, and coaching for adult beginners / intermediate and match players.

The coaches below are available for one-on-one coaching sessions, and all have group sessions at regular times during the week.

Coach and Contact No. Role and Qualification 30 mins 45 mins 60 mins
Collen Mhlanga
Tel. 07771 057547
Mini Tennis performance coach - LTA level 4 £14 £20 £26
Jon Baber
Tel. 07811 419823
Yellow Ball performance coach
LTA level 3 
£12 £18 £24
Harry Malone
Tel. 07783 997971
Mini Tennis development coach
LTA level 2
£9 £12.50 £16

Prices effective 1st October 2018
Please contact Stuart Davoile on 07779 147639 or for further details

Adult Coaching - Beginners / Intermediate / Refresher

Thursday 7:30 - 8:30pm        Pay and play - £5 members or £7 non-members.

Junior Coaching times are here