Doubles Tactics


When serving:

Aim for a high % of 1st Serves :

  • More difficult to return in doubles (Server's partner at net).
  • Receiver's mindset is more positive on second serve.

Target centre-line when serving to:

  • Deuce Court and right-handler.
  • Advantage Court and left-handed.

Use a 'Slice Serve' - not power serve (gives server more time to move towards net).

Net-player look to cut-off (poach) returns when partner serves down centre-line.


When receiving:

High % of returns to server, targeting:

  • Junction of service line and singles side-line.
  • Baseline.

Less emphasis on playing winning returns, less space.


  • Deep if server is not serving/volleying.
  • To feet if they are moving forward.



Sliced forehand / backhands - not high top spin shots (easily cut off at net).

Aim to play 2-Up when possible - puts pressure on opposition.

When opponents are playing 2-Up, target: Between them / Behind them (Lob).

When opponents are playing 1-Up and 1-Back, target: Rear-most opponent / Behind front-most opponent.


Focus on plan - not on what has happened.