Mixed Singles Handicap Tournament


The next tournament will run April - September 2019.


Click here to view LAST SEASON'S tournament spreadsheet(s). 


The tournament will have a "World Cup" format.

Players will be given a 'handicap' at the start of the tournament. 
The difference between the handicaps of the two players involved in a match will determine the 'score' at the start of each game played.

All matches the "First to 10 games, by a margin of 2".

Where possible matches should be played within the allotted time period, limiting the 'burden' placed on individual players. However, to accommodate other commitments, matches may be played before the allotted time period if both players agree or, providing the tournament organiser is informed before the end of the allotted time period,  deferred to the 'next' time period in the event of illness, injury or inclement weather. Matches cannot be deferred beyond the 'next' time period. 

Where no 'notification to defer' is received, matches not played within the allotted time period will be forfeited with neither player credited.

The winner will be awarded 2 points, plus a bonus point if their opponent wins 4 or less games.
The loser will be awarded a bonus point for winning 7 or more games.

If a player concedes without starting a match their opponent will be awarded a "2 point" and a 10-0 game win.

If a player concedes after a match has started, their opponent will be credited with a '10 - N" win;  N being the number of games won by the conceding player before play stops. The winner will be awarded 2 points, plus a bonus point if applicable.
The conceding player will be awarded a bonus point if they have won 7 games or more.

If a player withdraws from the tournament during the 'Group Stages' their name will be deleted from the match schedule and all matches played by them before their withdrawal declared 'null and void'. If they withdraw during the 'Knockout Stage' their opponent will advance.

Following a match, both players shall email and/or text the result to the tournament organiser (confirmation required), stating the number of games won by each.

The winner of a 'Group' competition shall be the player with the greatest number of wins. 
In the case of a 'tie', the Group will be decided by:
 i) the number of points a player has accumulated,
ii) the result of the match between the players concerned.

The winners and the runners-up in each Group shall proceed into the Knockout Stage of the tournament.
There will be a 'Plate' knockout for those finishing in the minor positions.

Players to provide their own tennis balls.

£5 entry fee.