Mixed Single Pyramid

The next tournament will run Oct 2019  -  Feb 2010.


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A Pyramid Challenge is similar to a Ladder, with the aim being the same as in a Ladder Challenge; that is, to get to the top. 

However, a Pyramid Challenge offers more possibilities to challenge one another and it is less likely to stagnate.

Players are placed within a pyramid shape.

Ranking is top - bottom, left - right. (The illustration shows positions 1 - 21)

Match format:

10 Game Pro Set (First to 10 games with a margin of 2 games. Tie break at 10 all).

There are two ways to challenge:

  1. You can challenge ANY player to the LEFT of you.
  2. You can challenge ANY player in the TWO lines ABOVE.

When the challenger wins, they take the position of their opponent. The opponent, and those between him/her and the challenger's original position, then move down one place; allowing both horizontal and vertical shift.

If the challenged player wins there is no movement.

Players must:

  • Organise their own challenges; to be played at a mutually agreed time and within 7 days of the challenge being accepted.
  • NOT refuse a challenge. (Any challenge refused should be reported to the Challenge Organiser (Dave Bolden on 07817 153 677). A player who, without good reason, refuses 2 challenges will be relegated 3 places and the 3 players below them each promoted 1 place).
  • NOT arrange additional challenges until after an accepted challenge is played.

At the end of the agreed time period:

The winner is the player at the top of the pyramid.


Players joining a Pyramid Challenge after the start date will be placed at the extreme right of the bottom row.

Entry is subject to payment of a nominal fee (£5) and agreeing to your name and contact details being circulated to all competitors and being displayed on the website.