Floodlight Fees

Anyone playing under floodlights between 1 October and 31 Dec (and again from 1 Jan to 31 March) must pay the appropriate "Floodlight Fee" AND sign the "Floodlight Payments Book", before going on court  ...

Adults (Over 18) : £1.50 per session/Juniors : £1.00 per session.

Members who expect to play regularly under floodlights may wish to purchase one of the following "Floodlight Passes", limiting their costs to the amount shown.

The preferred payment method for Floodlight Passes is "0nline" by clicking on the appropriate link below:

3 month Pass (1 Oct - 31 Dec) : £15

6 month Pass (1 Oct - 31 Mar) : £30

Alternatively, you may pay by cheque, made payable to "Blaydon Tennis Club".

(A pass for the period 1 Jan - 31 Mar will be available from late December).