The main concern of many people wanting to play a sport is time; the amount of time they have to commit to it. It is understandable that, if you work long hours, early mornings, late night shifts, weekends or have young children you may think it is going to prevent you from participating quite a bit or even all together.

Think again . . .

Members of Blaydon Tennis Club have free access to our courts 7 days a week, 365 days a year (subject to court maintenance, social sessions and matches). In addition, all our courts are floodlit which means members are not confined to playing during daylight hours – and, thanks to our idyllic location, we have no floodlight curfew, not like at some clubs where the floodlights have to be turned off at 10.00pm.

Work patterns, the school run, meal times etc. don’t have to be a barrier participation. At Blaydon Tennis Club you are free to play at a time that suits you.



Second only to time in the list of barriers to participation in sport, is cost.

While not able to offer you free use of our facilities - it costs money to run and maintain them, and that money comes mainly from our membership fees – we are aware that costs can be inhibiting and we do our best to minimize them.

That’s why, at Blaydon Tennis Club, we offer a range of Membership packages and concessions.

We also offer the option of paying by Standing Order, enabling you to spread the cost.

Can the facilities deliver what I want? Are they good enough?

Poor and inadequate facilities could reduce your chances of enjoying your sport, which in turn can limit your progress and hold you back.

At Blaydon Tennis Club, we have 9 floodlit all-weather court (6 artificial grass, 3 porous tarmac) top class coaching and a club house with full facilities and sheltered viewing area.

We also run Social Sessions throughout the week (mornings, afternoons and evenings), where players can enjoy the company of others with similar abilities and ambitions, while playing tennis.


Fitness and Ability!
I am worried that because I haven’t played before I won’t be good enough or fit enough.

An understandable but equally unnecessary worry ...

For those looking for reassurance or the comfort of a no-pressure environment, at Blaydon Tennis Club we run a Social Session on a Sunday evening, aimed at beginners and current members with an interest in helping them develop.



It is not uncommon for individuals to site their age as a reason for not playing sport - I’m too young, or I am too old to play.

Not true …

In contrast to some sports, notably contact sports (e.g. football, hockey), tennis is suited to people in all stages of life. You can begin to play at an early age using modified equipment - we run coaching classes for youngers from 3 years and above – and continue to develop techniques and skill as you get older, with wisdom and experience helping to make up for reduced reflexes and physical abilities.

Singles tennis caters for the energy and activity levels demanded by the young; whereas Doubles tennis, being less strenuous, is a particularly good bet for older adults.