Of all the sports to try, why should I play tennis?

It’s FUN.

At every level of the game and at every age, from the ‘tots’ to the most senior, players have fun while getting a great workout.

Tennis is a LIFETIME sport.

In contrast to some sports, notably contact sports (e.g. football, hockey), tennis is suited to people in all stages of life. You can continue to develop techniques and skill as you get older, with wisdom and experience helping to make up for reduced reflexes and physical abilities.

Singles tennis caters for the energy and activity levels demanded by the young; whereas Doubles tennis, being less strenuous, is a particularly good bet for older adults.

It develops and maintains your BODY.

The movements and actions involved in tennis will burn calories, build muscle, increase bone strength, improve flexibility and co-ordination, and enhance overall health and fitness.

It develops and maintains your MIND.

Tennis requires alertness, tactical thinking and problem solving; helping to keep the mind active and promoting a lifetime of continued development of the brain.

It can be ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you want it to be.

Looking for competition, social play, team camaraderie, time with family or friends, local or national competitions? Tennis has all of that and more. It can be anything and everything you want or need it to be.

Tennis teaches LIFE SKILLS.

Participants, particularly youngsters, develop a work ethic, team sportsmanship, accept responsibility, manage mistakes, enhance discipline, learn to compete, cope with pressure and adversity, develop healthy habits, learn teamwork and more.

The whole FAMILY can participate.

Irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, fitness level or ability, tennis is perfect for the family who value playing together. Few sports can offer the opportunities for families that tennis can.


Both on and off court, you are guaranteed to make friends. The sport encourages interaction and communication and is just great fun. Plus, it’s great for making business connections too.


Tennis engages your body and mind at the same time, unlike a traditional session at the gym; and because tennis players are more confident, healthier, less stressed and more socially interactive they are happier.

Tennis helps you LIVE LONGER.

Tennis is one of the most healthful activities in which you can participate; delivering overall physical, mental and social gains. It can add years to your life and life to your years.