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The committee has voted to bring back "Social Tennis" starting Tuesday 18th May - ahead of our original plan of 21st June. We are confident regarding the exceeding of the 30 person limit, given that many members will be on courts, will not be an issue as it is thought unlikely that more than 30 will congregate together at any one time.  However, this will be kept under review. 

Set out below are some new rules and guidance on court bookings and social tennis engagement.

Court Bookings.

Any Tuesday and Friday bookings for courts 1 and 2 made between 9.00am and 1.00pm will now be cancelled unfortunately but Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons bookings will be honoured and still be available to book as "Social Tennis" for these time slots will only be offered on courts 3 , 4 and 5.

New Covid Rules for Social Tennis

  1. Access to the clubhouse for toilet/medical emergencies only.  Mask to be worn in the clubhouse please - if you forget your own mask some disposable blue medical masks in a box will be available just inside the door but please use sparingly.
  2. Test and Trace: Members arriving at club are requested to sign in to a book / diary provided, bringing their own pens.  Pens and sanitiser will be supplied to allow for members forgetting to bring pens. 
  3. First member to arrive at the club to please lay out the book / diary along with a small table and placed near the peg board.  
  4. Sanitiser liquid will be supplied in proximity to the peg board for members to use after/before use of pegs. 
  5. Members are NOT restricted to handling just their own pegs.
  6. Benches on the patio to be kept well apart to minimise contact and please refrain from moving or relocating them.
  7. Members are urged to use common sense with regard to social distancing. 

Enjoy your tennis everyone.