The Club committee are pleased to announce that with effect from Saturday 1st August all 3 courts and the Clubhouse will be open for tennis and doubles is permissable with people both from within and outside your family group.

However, social distancing rules still apply.   Stay apart as much as possible and do not linger around the courts before or after your game.  If you develop Covid within 14 days of playing at the Club you  must contact the Chairman Ian Andrews ([email protected])

In order to play you MUST BOOK COURTS ONLINE.  You will NOT be able to just turn up and play unless it is a Club session.  This is to reduce the numbers of people who come to the Club.  To do this you will need to book on the Club website.  Look for the "Booking" heading above.

 If you are struggling to book on-line then contact Liz Hooper ([email protected]) who will be able to book for you.  

For Club sessions you will be asked to sign a register giving your full name and contact details.  The Club will pass these details onto the relevant authorities should someone who has played at the Club subsequently develop Covid.


In addition there are some other rules that you need to adhere to:
 1. Please DO NOT come to the club if you are unwell and in particular if you show any of the signs of Covid-19.
2. Keep your hands clean by washing them before and after you play and using the sanitiser provided at the Club.
3. Please cough/sneeze into a tissue where possible or the elbow, dispose of the tissue in your bin at home and wash hands immediately after.
4. Only use your own racquet and wipe down the handle before and after playing.
5. Use your own balls, marked so they can be easily identified without having to pick them up.  Do NOT use Club balls.
6. Keep your distance from other players. No hugging or high fives!
7. Use gloves to open and shut the padlocks and gates and to use the winder if needed.
8. Only use the gate nearest your booked court to enter or leave the courts.
9. Do NOT wind the nets down after your game.  Leave them in the play position to lessen the need for the use of the winders.

Thank you for your cooperation.