Junior coaching

Junior Coaching has started for the season.  It takes place every Saturday morning with LTA accredited level 5 coach Laurence Kelly and Wednesday after school with Ellie Makin, also an LTA accredited coach level 3.

Watch this space.

Every week we will update this section of the website to allow parents to view whether or not coaching will be taking place that weekend. The only reason coaching will be cancelled will be due to adverse weather conditions.

Saturday Coaching

Contact -Jim Moulton on 01423 323919   (moultonjw2@aol.com).

Coaching will take place every Saturday during school term time until the end of November at the following times:

5 to 8 year olds - 10.00am
9 to 12 year olds - 11.00am
13 year olds and upwards 12.00 to 13.00pm

£4 members £5 non-members

Additional one to one coaching is also available from 13.00 onwards.

Contact - Laurence Kelly 07919 151303 


Wednesday coaching for Junior members

Under 10s (Orange ball) - 4 to 5pm.

Under 16 (full ball) - 5 to 6pm.

Cost £5 per junior member per session. Sessions paid in advance.

Contact Ellie Makin - ellie.makin@hotmail.com